Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Death of an online friend

My heart is breaking as I write this post.

I have mentioned a game in DST that I participated in a few months ago where I gained a few friends from different parts of the world. I have "met" wonderful and talented girls and one of them is Belladonne.

Belladonne was an old soul. She loves vintage and anything in the Victorian era, hence her kit designs. She saw to it that she'd be gracious to those who give props to her creations and have always been appreciative of things. It is just very devastating to hear about her death.

Belladonne, I would like to think that you just had to let us know about your accident before you finally left this world. I am consoled by the fact that you have spiritual prepared yourself to meet your Maker. I pray that in His own time, He shall also turn our mourning into dancing for you are now in a much better place. Now that you have gone ahead of us, I am almost sure that there will be somebody who would watch over us and intercede for us in heaven. So long, dear Bella, we all love you and I know we will all finally be scrapping our ass as we meet again someday.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Teacher, My Hero

It is the World Teachers' Month once again and for this month I am planning to write letters to the memorable teachers I've had when I was still in school. I have always wanted to pay tribute to them but never found a chance so I am going to write about them in the coming days.

Last week, our school launched the Teachers' Month and a pupil from Grade 3 gave a speech about his previous advisers which included me. That pupil belonged to the very first batch of kids I have handled and the first is always memorable. It was my first time to be commended by  a pupil and I was overwhelmed with what he had said. Now I think it is time for me to give back to my teachers, and if you remember your first teachers, previous math teachers, or any teacher you remember, why not write them a  letter, blog about them, or if you're not the wordy type of person, give them a gift?

Our teachers molded us to become what we are now. We have spent more hours in school than at home and we're always in the hands of our teachers - it is now time to give back and pay them with adulation that they deserve.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Diva's Jeans - A HUGE Collab!

Oh hello Friday! It's that day of week where we get to see refreshing kits at DSB. For today, I am introducing a very huge and beautiful collab kit made by the DSB gang named Diva's Jeans. Now this kit has 70 richly textured papers (plain and decorated), 159 different elements, 2 alphabets with letters and numbers, and 1 layout template.

I have to tell you that this kit is beautiful and is perfect for your little diva's photos! Here is a preview of the kits' elements.

And here is a page I made.

And if you are like me who loves hitting two birds in one stone, this kit is absolutely FREE when you purchase products at DSB worth $10! I tell you, that's an amazing offer. So what are you waiting for? Rush in at the DSB store!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photobook Overload

I am the type who stacks photos and I believe that I speak in behalf of other people. I love taking photos, and keeping them to the extent that I sometimes forget about the photos until such time when I decide to clean up my drive. Artscow is a breath of fresh air to memory enthusiasts like me. They provide cheap services for a very good quality photo printing products. I vow with their photobooks because they are the cheapest photobook maker in town. Plus there are ready made templates created by other members that you can use for an instant processing. All you have to do is drag and drop your photos, type some notes, and voila! Instant photobook for you!  They not only provide photobook/photo printing, they also create bags, magnets, mugs, coasters, and more more more!
Artscow is a Hong Kong based company but the shipping fees for their products are reasonably priced. You might want to check out their site and start printing your memories.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday: New Releases at DSB!

It's Friday once again and it means NEW RELEASES are out at Digiscrappers Brasil! Enjoy your 20% Off on new kits and packs where one of which is this cute and fun collab by Pink Reptile Designs and Find Your Bliss Designs. Clicking on the image below will lead you directly to the page link.

And here's what I came up using this kit! You can click on the image for a larger image and if you can, please do leave some love.

The page wouldn't be successful without the ingenuity of the template guru herself, Studio Basic Designs! For this page, I used a template from her Give Me Some SPACE I Vol. I which is a fabulous collection.

So what are you waiting for? Grab those awesome kits and templates at Digiscrappers Brasil now!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Going Template Gaga

Crisp, edgy, unique, and out of this world. These are the immediate words I can think of to describe Studio Basic Designs' style. They're classy too!

I love templates and if you have read my raves about them, you'll realize that I get crazy obsessed with them because I don't have the kind of imagination other scrappers have. I rely on templates and thank God I have found Studio Basic Designs! Take a closer look at some of her creations.

I always say that I am a clean and simple type of scrapper, and I think I still am, but now I have learned to experiment and modify my taste. That's what the inspiration is for right? So anyway, I love Studio Basic Designs and if you want to add more spunk with your pages, you have to take a look at her creations and die with pleasure. That I guarantee!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Belladonne Digitals CT CALL

My good friend Belladonne is having her first CT Call! If you're a lover of the Victorian Era and likes to create vintage pages, then this team is for you. Here are the CT Requirements.

So what are you waiting for? Send in your applications now! :)