Thursday, November 25, 2010

December Rain

I cannot believe that it will already be December next week! I have always loved December because this is the time when we get to be with our loved ones and eat, drink and be merry. My December schedule is actually almost fully booked as most of the people in our household will celebrate their birthdays on December. And there will be other more extras this year too!

First, a relative of ours who we haven't seen for more than 30 years will be coming home next week. And then we will be celebrating one birthday after the other when they arrive. The first birthday on the list is my niece's Shobe who will be turning 5 years old on December 5. We are going to celebrate the event at a restaurant and the princess themed birthday party are still on the works.
But even though there will be tons of celebrations, I have to pass up for some so that I could make room for the others. For instance, I will not be able to join our faculty's annual out of town tour because I am saving up for something nice as a gift to myself of course. And then I have to plan my twins' 4th birthday party and my dad's retirement party as well, not to mentions the actual Christmas Eve dinner and New Year celebration.

This month is hectic! Goodluck to all of us especially now that the weather forecasters in the Philippines are predicting a rainy month of December.

And oh, Advance Happy Thanksgiving too!

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