Thursday, November 25, 2010

December Rain

I cannot believe that it will already be December next week! I have always loved December because this is the time when we get to be with our loved ones and eat, drink and be merry. My December schedule is actually almost fully booked as most of the people in our household will celebrate their birthdays on December. And there will be other more extras this year too!

First, a relative of ours who we haven't seen for more than 30 years will be coming home next week. And then we will be celebrating one birthday after the other when they arrive. The first birthday on the list is my niece's Shobe who will be turning 5 years old on December 5. We are going to celebrate the event at a restaurant and the princess themed birthday party are still on the works.
But even though there will be tons of celebrations, I have to pass up for some so that I could make room for the others. For instance, I will not be able to join our faculty's annual out of town tour because I am saving up for something nice as a gift to myself of course. And then I have to plan my twins' 4th birthday party and my dad's retirement party as well, not to mentions the actual Christmas Eve dinner and New Year celebration.

This month is hectic! Goodluck to all of us especially now that the weather forecasters in the Philippines are predicting a rainy month of December.

And oh, Advance Happy Thanksgiving too!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Gay Bar Experience

As I have mentioned in my previous post, we went to a gay bar the other night. It was not my first time to enter a club like that actually, the first one was during our cousin’s so-called bridal shower and I was with our aunts that time. The first experience was fun because we entered a hip club and the atmosphere did not feel any degrading.

However, during my second time to enter such type of club, the ambiance was different. I could literally smell poverty and I felt that the people working there have no other choice but embrace that type of job to make a living. There the guys are allowed to sit in the table of the so called spectators and when one “performer” joined our table (fully clothed, fortunately) we were so apprehensive to entertain him back because honestly, we felt disgusted by them. But a compassionate friend of ours exchanged conversations with the guy and I listened to them. At first I did not know what their topic was but then I heard the guy say in a Visayan dialect “I know that this is a sin, selling my own flesh, but I do not have a choice. There’s no other job for me out there.” Right there and then I felt a pang of pity and sympathy. I also felt a tug in my heart when the guy whispered to me to buy him a drink so that he will have certain income for the night.

I don’t care if you call me gullible or na├»ve because I know that in that line of work, those guys have to make up stories to make people feel sorry for them and give them money. But you know what, no matter what lies they tell us, the truth is there. They either spill some lies or they give pleasure and lie down on the bed (pun intended). But the bottom line is: they are merely begging for money because they have no other options to earn money.

It’s a fun night but the mark it left me was a scar in my heart.

Back Home!

I am back home!

The other night was so fun because the girls and I went to a gay bar, how fun is that? Of course we did not go there to fish for men although it was I who initiated the itinerary because the girls I was with never went to a gay bar before so I thought it would be fun to bring them there. When I told the elders about my plan, they were ecstatic and gave us cash allowance for the night. My cousin even drove us there to show his support to our crazy night. Initially, I had asked an uncle to drive us to the place but since his car was taken to the shop because of a broken timing belt, my cousin volunteered to do the job of driving us to the bar. I will relate the "gay bar experience" on my next post because I sure do have s many insights and reflections about it.

Anyway, so we arrived home last night. I hitched the ride home in my other cousin’s ford expedition that was almost filled with mud because we decided to drop by a piggery on the farm to pick the pigs that we would want to be roasted on Christmas Day. The other folks are arriving tomorrow because they had to wait until the water pump of my uncle’s starex van is replaced. I know, I know that most of my relatives’ vehicles are under repair – we travel a lot and that is normal. I will have to end my post now and continue my story next time because I sure do have to take my lunch *teehee*

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blessing and Gossips

I am once again out of town to attend my aunt's house blessing which will happen. With me are the twins, my brother and my mom. There are currently more than 20 people who "checked in" at my aunt's house so it's a riot as usual. The gang is here and we sleep at 1am the earliest but we also wake up at 8am the latest. Can you spell haggard now?

Anyway, I have read this morning about Eva Longoria divorcing her husband Tony Parker and I am saddened by the news because I am a big fan of Desperate Housewives and I think that they look so good together. Breakups are always sad and hard. However I believe that once trust is broken, it will be hard for the person to gain it again. There will always be a void in a relationship once a person learns to doubt the other's motives and sincerity.

And that's what I have learned from watching too much tv and reading too much gossips. LOL.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Year Ender

Sure sure I have said this line many times before: I AM BACK!


I do not know until when can I sustain blogging but as of this moment, I am in the mood to write my thoughts. I have been so busy since our school bought our first ever computer desktop unit. Since I am the one who knows much about computers, my boss relies on me to create reports, invitations, and some stuffs that when I get home the last thing that I wanted to do is go in front of the computer. Not unless there is a new movie that I had just downloaded. *teehee*

So basically, nowadays I only get to update my Facebook page using my phone. I miss blogging though, and scrapping, and until such time that I get to have extra time and teach my co-teachers to type faster and learn a few other extras in computers, I will surely be on a roll!

My mom is celebrating her birthday this week and I am thinking of what to give her. Any bright ideas? :)