Thursday, March 24, 2011

....and it's VACATION TIME!

Yay! The Preschool Graduation was held this morning and I am done with my reports, gave my boss a gift for her birthday tomorrow, did a bit of grocery shopping, changed Philippine Pesos to U.S. Dollars, printed our e-tickets and packed my stuffs! I am so ready to go on a vacation and nothing can stop me now.

Although I am suffering from separation anxiety because my kids won't come with me but I know I can manage. Besides, my eldest is also going out of town tomorrow as he and my brother are going to attend our cousin's graduation in Koronadal City. And to watch new movies too -that's his main goal, I think. And my twins are going to be with my dad who like any other grandparent, is a spoiler. Knowing that my kids are going to have fun while I am away keeps me sane and ready to have a blast.

However, I still haven't finished our itinerary and there is just one small detail of the vacation that irks me. I don't like freeloaders and abusive people. Most of all, I don't like big men who doesn't have a job. Okay let's leave it at that.

Going back to the Graduation Ceremony of my pupils, it was rowdy. And when you have VIP guests watching, you wouldn't want to leave a bad impression that my pupils do not know how to behave properly especially in a solemn ceremony. But anyway, it was a success and there were lots of food LOL! Look at the photos closely and you'll have an idea on how they are at their BEST behaviors.

Looking at the photos, I am sure going to miss these kids. They are the noisiest batch but the most intelligent so far. Here's my motto now: With great intelligence comes with a great misbehavior.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


The result for the Philippine Bar Examination is already out! And two of my friends are now certified Attorneys! This is a moment to celebrate! Yay!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The $10 Story

I am not supposed to blog today because I am supposed to be focusing on working about my class' program invitation but there is one incident that happened today that I cannot get over with.

This morning, my father woke me up so that I could go to the market and buy the usual stuffs that we needed to stock in our freezer. Along with our nanny, I went to the market and did my thing. I found a young ox's tail and thought of cooking ox tail in peanut butter sauce. I bought the tail and the needed ingredients for my recipe planning to cook it tomorrow since I am going to school for an overtime work. After going to the market, I went to school along with my twins but since the computer room's closed and my boss' daughter accidentally brought the key with her, I decided to go home instead and buy a tub of ice cream and cook the recipe I had intended to cook tomorrow.

So there I was in my kitchen battle mode when my kids called on my father because apparently, someone was looking for him. I peeked at the gate to take a look on who the person is and noticed the man who used to work with my father(my father retired last December). Since I know the man, I told my father to go out.

Okay for a quick side story. My father worked for the government owned water service company and is known to help people like paying others' water bills just so the particular family won't be cut with their water services. Sometimes, he pays for other's electricity bill as well lol. I have always admired that about my father but there are some who are mendicant and abuse my father's kindness that they would go and ask money almost every month because of a death of a family, relative, hospitalization of a child, delayed work pay, and whatbejeezus, just name it. And my father is not even in politics! LOL. So my point is, that's why I take a look first on who the person looking for my dad so that I can warn him about not giving too much.

So back to the story. I know the man looking for my father because he's one of the veterans in the water district engineering division and was under my father since I was a child. He seldom comes to our house but I have always known him because whenever we see each other downtown, he always recognizes me. Anyway, when my father went out to talk to him, I took a peek and heard the man saying something like, "Sir I have a favor to ask." I did not eavesdrop anymore since I was busy slicing the vegetables. The man and my dad talked for a while and when I was finished with the vegetables I peeked again at them and saw my father counting money and giving it to the man who took out his handkerchief to wipe away his tears. I was crushed.

So I told my mom about it and she herself wondered why so when the man went home, my mother asked my dad what it was all about. My father said, "He was just asking if he could loan some money." Then my mom asked how much he wanted to borrow and my dad said Php500.00 ($10). My mother was appalled because the man cried for a $10 loan so she asked my father why he cried to where my father replied: "I don't know. When I took out my wallet and counted the money he started to cry."

I was stunned. It was a slap on my face. I had a $30 body scrub and massage last Thursday and there was a man who cried for a $10 loan. I just wonder what I could do to help others like that as well. I know that Japan's suffering from the earthquake and tsunami and my heart goes all out for them. But then there are people I know and see almost everyday who also needs my help. Prayers can do wonders I know but don't get me wrong, cash is what they mostly need.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blessed to be Stressed

Every time my friends and I are busy to the point of not being able to log on to our emails, we say this mantra just so we will remember how fortunate we are to be doing something and realize that we are worthy in this world. I AM BLESSED TO BE STRESSED. Indeed I am!

So what keeps me busy? Three things. First is this Kindergarten Playhouse that I had put up where my pupils are going to have a mini talent show. The purpose of this event is to showcase that our school is not only focusing on the academic performance of the pupils but also considering the skills of each child in performing arts. Okay okay so it's preschool, my real purpose for my pupils is to let them do their thing on stage and gaining self confidence by performing for a large audience. This Kindergarten Playhouse will be shown on March 15.

The second thing is the Graduation Day of my Preschool pupils which will be on March 24. So little time so much to do. And of course, lastly, the vacation I will be having with my mom and cousins which will be on the 25th. Ironic huh? A vacation keeping me stressed out? Haha! But see, I am the one in charge of our itinerary and we will be going to Singapore and Malayasia and it is going to be my first time there. So whatever will be will be. God bless me and my beautiful body. And by this I mean health. LOL.

Anyway, I am honored to be a part of Digiscrappers Brasil! I applied to be one of their creative team members and I got in! As an opening salvo in being with DSB, here are some layouts I created using the kits of the fabulous designers I am working with there.

If you want to leave some love, you can click on the photos to be directed to my gallery. So how was it working at DSB? It's a blast! The designers are so cool and even though all of them are obviously from Brazil and they speak Portuguese, they really extend their arms in welcoming non Portuguese speakers like me.

So there goes my update, I miss my digital life though as I have said, I am blessed to be stressed.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Late Post: The RAK Winner!

Sorry I had this late announcement. I almost forgot about my RAK giveaway, I just remembered it now after I looked at the calendar. So anyway, here's the winner.

Congratulations Kate! I will send you your $10 coupon shortly. Thanks to all who joined and happy shopping Kate!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Visit

Something interesting and heartrending happened today. I was at my wit’s end in conducting a long and hard exam to my pupils when I saw a familiar figure standing by our classroom door. I can recognize that man even if I haven’t seen him for two years. He was my pupil’s father. He was this stage father I have encountered during my first year in teaching wherein his daughter was our first honor that school year. After graduation, they moved to another city and haven’t been in town since then. Until today. I was so happy to see him because I miss his little girl so much. See, that little girl knows how to cheer me up especially when I am having a bad day. She’s smart, cheerful and intelligent. She even promised to build me a swimming pool once she becomes a CPA. Those are just sweet talks but it’s really touching.
When I talked to her father, I asked how she is doing in her new school. I learned that my former pupil is still on top of her class but is having a hard time in their Arabic lessons although she copes up pretty well. And then the father said something that really melts my heart. He said, “Nandito lang ako ma’am para bumisita sa iyo at magpasalamat sa lahat ng kabutihan na ginawa mo sa anak ko.” (I am here just to visit and thank you for all the goodness you have done to my child) I didn’t mind it then but now that I think about it, it really meant something. I swear I can cry happy tears right this moment.

Teaching is not a thankless job especially when you see your former pupils visit you from time
to time and smile at you. I swear I am even more moved when those pupils who were troublemakers come up to you and say: “You used to teach me this, right ma’am?”

Whenever my co-teachers and I convene and share stories about the pains and hardships of being educators, we always rant that whenever we compute grades or make reports we have this same notion of filing a resignation letter BUT whenever we see our pupils go up the stage to perform or receive an award, we are taken to a different kind of high that makes us love our job a hundred times.

I am a preschool teacher where 70% of my pupils have no resources to buy papers, pencils, notebooks or books. Most of my pupils’ parents do not know how to read so they cannot teach their children at home for further follow up. And knowing that I have imparted something genuine to the kids is more than enough to make me love my job and my profession more and more each day. I am in a cloud nine.