Sunday, June 27, 2010

Creative Team Hiatus

I used to be active in digital scrapping but when I got busy last March, I stopped and informed my CT designers that I will need to take a leave until April 5. However, things became hectic because of the summer classes and my personal summer getaways that I never got the chance to visit the teams that I was in. I got kicked out in some and only one was left. LOL, serves me right huh?

Anyway, digital scrapping is really fun and when I visited the sites that I used to frequent this morning, I realized how much I missed it. So the ball's all rolling once again and I am scouting for other teams to join (okay at least one more). We all need some diversion from the real world's toxicity, and for me, scrapping it is.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Supermodel Viveka Babajee hangs self

Viveka Babajee, a former Indian supermodel, committed suicide by hanging herself at her Bandra residence late Friday night, a family friend said.

Confirming the suicide, Additional Commissioner of Police (Western Region) Amitabh Gupta said the reason behind Viveka taking the extreme step was not known and police were investigating.

Fashion designer Rohit Verma said she was supposed to take part in his fashion show next month and he was shocked to hear the news of her death.

Viveka, 32, was declared a supermodel in 1994 and was one of the most-sought after faces nationally and internationally in the fashion world. She became a prominent figure in the Philippines during the 1994 MMFF Scandal.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Teaching is a Vocation

Teaching in a public school is a journey and it depends on the person how he takes the journey as he strides along.

I have been teaching for three years now and every year is different from the other in terms of experiences. My first year was full of apprehensions because I got used to the private school 'way' of handling the classroom problems where almost your every entire move involves money. It was hard but the parents of the children I was teaching were very supportive although they criticize to high heavens as well. It was a humbling experience and I have learned a lot as well.
Last year was good too because I was able to adjust and I became more confident in dealing with my colleagues and the kids’ parents. There were hardships but everything was resolved with the help of my bosses. I have a feeling that this year will be better than the previous years because I think I was able to grasp what it takes to be a teacher.

Teaching in a public school in the Philippines is hard and the area that I am assigned to involves poor people. Every year I encounter families who do not have the resources to send their children to school so they prefer not to enroll their children in preschool instead. When you think about it, it’s really disheartening since preschool education is the most vital phase in a child’s life since that is how they will learn to socialize and do stuffs that will boost their self esteem.

This year, I have a pupil who goes to school with tattered clothes, and I am telling you now that your heart will break when you see him. I always encourage the child to take a bath and gave him some of my son’s clothes so he can wear decent ones. You see, I see the potential with the child so I always tell him and his elder siblings not to be absent in school because he is a smart child. I offered to pay for his books but I haven’t met the child’s mother yet. See, that’s part of being a teacher, it’s not always about paychecks – it is really a vocation. Meet the child I was talking about with his “new” clothes, he put it on the moment I handed it to him. He was ecstatic.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Work, Hobbies, Life

Classes in the Philippines started two weeks ago and it's been busy me since then. Although now I have an assistant because the number of enrollment has gone up. I currently have 68 preschool pupils who enrolled this year. 68 young, rowdy, and innocent children, how do you handle that? Most of my pupils are boys and after two weeks of teaching, I am starting to lose my voice. Both my speaking and singing voice, so it's going to be a sad goodbye to videoke sessions. And as days go by, there are still pupils enrolling so really, wish me luck.

However, I do not want my work to take control over the things that I love doing like digital scrapping and of course, blogging. So I am managing my time this time and having an assistant makes my work load a bit easier. I will still be going out of town to wander even though money is quite scarce nowadays because I literally dried up during our summer vacation out of the country (which I think deserves a blog entry). So again I would really like to be active in the digital scene and be at the top of my career as well. I've been good in the past months of my work so I believe that God will surely provide for me as long as He sees me doing my part and that is by working hard.

I also love the people I am with at work. There may be some misunderstandings and differences but whenever we need each others' guidance, everyone will back you up. I love my bosses too because they put their trust in me especially in decision making by always telling me: "Ikaw na ang bahala Mars, kaya mo na yan." (You do whatever you want Mars, you can do it.) Though sometimes I don't feel they care about me at all because they don't check on me as frequently as they check on my other colleagues.

So what's up with this blog? It's going to be a journal of raves and rants about my work and hobbies. This blog is about positivity amidst the negative vibes there is all over the surroundings. So, welcome, read and I hope you can relate on me sometimes. More importantly, I hope I can impart some positivity and wisdom to any of you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Okay so this is my new home. Welcome welcome back to me! :)