Saturday, December 18, 2010

Buying a Laptop

Buying a laptop is a big step for me because I am used to using my father’s laptop for a long time and I have never considered actually buying one for myself. All things come to an end and so last month I have decided to treat myself and buy my own laptop.

When I finally came to decide that I will be buying a laptop, there were considerations that I have to cover. First is the budget. No matter how you want to buy a high end gadget, you have to stick to the budget. As they say, less is more. Secondly, reflect on the performance. You have to consider things like, what will be my laptop for? Will it be for office works or for my hobbies? Will it be for storing photos and music or for gaming? So no matter what you want, you have to analyze yourself what you are going to do with your toy-to-be. Lastly, scout for the deals! Look on the sale and discounts, aim for some freebies if you can and start playing with your imagination.

Recently, I bought myself a Samsung R428 because it’s on a big sale. My friend from Qatar bought it for me because that’s where the sale was. Purchasing gadgets online has always been a no no for me because of experiences the other friends of mine had. Some packages were lost by the courier, if not stolen. I will be giving my review on this gadget soon as I will still be playing with it.

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