Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Mayhem #3 - Stupid Questions

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

Welcome again to Monday Mayhem.
Today we are asked stupid questions to the World Wide Buzz.

1. How and why does one become a modern day pirate?

A modern day pirate is a virtual pirate. That is when one loves torrent files and thinks of it as a normal thing to do.

2. What would happen if a government actually balanced its budget? Could it actually ever happen?

A government’s budget will never be balanced because there are certain agencies that are of very important priority.

3. What do you think of this "Royal Wedding" stuff?

It’s not called ROYAL if I am not there. Seriously, it’s grand and all but come to think of it, I used to have the hots for Will when I was in high school and I always thought of Harry as ugly. But now, woooo! The world is round! Harry’s the hotter prince and Will? Kate can have him all the time. I mean his hairline is receding and he looks very stressed lately. Prolly because of the wedding preps though.

4. Is Gaga really a Madonna-wanna-be? Or is she her own phenomena?

Gaga’s a toss between Bjork and Madonna. They’re all crazy people. But very talented too.

5. What do swimsuits actually have to do with a Sports Magazine?

Because swimsuits actually motivate men to work hard for that abs.

6. What is the stupidest thing you witnessed this past week?

Who’s that silly girl in American Idol who always cries whether a good thing or a bad thing happens to her? Well, she got through the eliminations and that made me zonked! I’m like, WHAAAAAAT!?!

7. What is an "Ugly American"? Are they really uglier than other people?

An Ugly American for me is the one who does not do what a noble and good American should do. Someone who’s rude and condescending.

8. If you could name your new virtual pet anything you wanted to, what would you name it?

I’ll name her Missaianaveyrambularifficatiousweetnesssgracious or Missy for short

9. Is winter (or whatever season you are in at the moment) really over? How would you even know?

I’m from the Philippines so it’s always sunny. Never over. Ever.

10. Make up a new word to replace any 'four letter word' and share it with us in a sentence so we can use it too. You don't have to tell us what the 'four letter word is'. We can guess it.

Fairypoo. I should have strangled that fairypooing guy!


Cardinals Kate said...

LOL! The wedding's not ROYAL because you're not there!! You're fairypooing hilarious!

Mars said...

LOL Kate! I'm a princess, I deserve to be at the wedding!

Anonymous said...

Fairypoo...hehe! That's a good one.

I am Harriet said...

I'm loving your sky picture. It is very inviting.
Thanks for playing.

Stacy Lynn said...

Wow, that swan dress is....something. Love "fairypoo". Just saying it would cheer me up. :)