Thursday, March 24, 2011

....and it's VACATION TIME!

Yay! The Preschool Graduation was held this morning and I am done with my reports, gave my boss a gift for her birthday tomorrow, did a bit of grocery shopping, changed Philippine Pesos to U.S. Dollars, printed our e-tickets and packed my stuffs! I am so ready to go on a vacation and nothing can stop me now.

Although I am suffering from separation anxiety because my kids won't come with me but I know I can manage. Besides, my eldest is also going out of town tomorrow as he and my brother are going to attend our cousin's graduation in Koronadal City. And to watch new movies too -that's his main goal, I think. And my twins are going to be with my dad who like any other grandparent, is a spoiler. Knowing that my kids are going to have fun while I am away keeps me sane and ready to have a blast.

However, I still haven't finished our itinerary and there is just one small detail of the vacation that irks me. I don't like freeloaders and abusive people. Most of all, I don't like big men who doesn't have a job. Okay let's leave it at that.

Going back to the Graduation Ceremony of my pupils, it was rowdy. And when you have VIP guests watching, you wouldn't want to leave a bad impression that my pupils do not know how to behave properly especially in a solemn ceremony. But anyway, it was a success and there were lots of food LOL! Look at the photos closely and you'll have an idea on how they are at their BEST behaviors.

Looking at the photos, I am sure going to miss these kids. They are the noisiest batch but the most intelligent so far. Here's my motto now: With great intelligence comes with a great misbehavior.

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