Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Vacation: Singapore

Okay where should I start? Singapore. Oh Singapore is a small place. I never thought I’d like it there. We hired a private van for the duration of our trip so transportation is not a least bit of a hassle on our part. And since I was the one assigned on the itinerary and accommodation, I researched a lot about the city. Before we went to the hotel, I briefed my cousins about the do’s and don’ts and their expectations. I knew that orientation was kinda boring but at least I have to tell them that.

In comparison to Hong Kong, Singapore is not congested and the landscape is way much better. You can see trees and flowers and there were pink bougainvilleas that almost looked like cherry blossoms. The landscape was a sight to behold. Our hotel was even nicer than my expectations because we were greeted by Filipino bellboys so we felt already at home. We chose Peninsula Excelsior to be our place to stay because from the reviews I have read, it is near everywhere. As in you can reach the spots just by walking, and the reviews were right! Plus we also get free breakfast and a high speed internet connection also for free at 10MBps.

Peninsula Excelsior at Coleman Street

On our first day at Singapore, we had to wait for my mother and cousin to arrive and when they did, that’s when we started to explore. We walked. And walked. And walked. We walked a lot and we didn’t mind, everything’s an eye candy. I particularly like the tunnels and the flowers. There were practically botanical plants wherever we go.

With fellow walking tourists from UK at the Supreme Court

So the Singapore sun rises late and sets late. 7:30 in the evening still looks like this.

The view of the bay

And here is Singapore skyline by night.

The Singapore Flyer. Taken at the top of Marina Bay Sands

Our second day was spent at Sentosa Island. As usual, we had long walks and contrary to our first day's weather which was fair, our Sentosa day was hot. Scorching hot.
Sentosa is an activity haven. If you like beach and sports, you should definitely go there. Plus you get tons of look at sexy women too.

But everything has a price. And they are pricey if I may say. We just tried on the 3D and 4D attractions and the Luge which we all really enjoyed. Plus of course, the must see Songs of the Sea presentation. We should have seen the 7:40PM show because we were all tired from all that walking that we didn't bother to go out to eat when we arrived at the hotel that night. However, the sunset is gorgeous!

Sunset at Siloso Beach

Songs of the Sea

We went to Universal Studios on our third day and before we left the hotel, we all made a pact that all of us should ride the roller coasters. Luckily, when we entered USS, we saw Frankenstein and he agreed to pose for a photo with us. Only us! He left the Hollywood Street after we had our picture taken.

We went to see Lights, Camera, Action! first and we had a great time. We were watching the special effects in front so we got splashed a little. And after that, I couldn't believe my eyes, I saw the Streetboys perform!

Streetboys Rockafellas

I knew the Streetboys are regular performers at USS but I totally forgot about them as my mind's straight on the roller coaster rides. Okay for the information of my non Filipino readers, they're a dance group in the Philippines and they used to be BIG and my high school classmates are all ga-ga over them.

So after their show, we went to ride the heart stopping Battlestar Galactica in Cylon. Including my mom of course. And then after the ride, all of them were traumatized so my cousin and I tricked them into riding Revenge of The Mummy (which is an indoor roller coaster) and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. We told them that the Revenge of the Mummy was just a train ride to see the artifacts and the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure was just a boat ride to see the dinosaur exhibit. They were stupefied and we laughed at them with so much gusto! But of course they had fun. We were all drenched after the Rapids ride though.


And we also got to watch the Waterworld attraction which we did not regret. It was like watching a real movie shooting.

I have to say that I can post hundreds of pictures but I just put them into a minimum for obvious reasons. We did a lot of things there too like shopping. haha! So there goes my Singapore visit.


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