Monday, November 22, 2010

Back Home!

I am back home!

The other night was so fun because the girls and I went to a gay bar, how fun is that? Of course we did not go there to fish for men although it was I who initiated the itinerary because the girls I was with never went to a gay bar before so I thought it would be fun to bring them there. When I told the elders about my plan, they were ecstatic and gave us cash allowance for the night. My cousin even drove us there to show his support to our crazy night. Initially, I had asked an uncle to drive us to the place but since his car was taken to the shop because of a broken timing belt, my cousin volunteered to do the job of driving us to the bar. I will relate the "gay bar experience" on my next post because I sure do have s many insights and reflections about it.

Anyway, so we arrived home last night. I hitched the ride home in my other cousin’s ford expedition that was almost filled with mud because we decided to drop by a piggery on the farm to pick the pigs that we would want to be roasted on Christmas Day. The other folks are arriving tomorrow because they had to wait until the water pump of my uncle’s starex van is replaced. I know, I know that most of my relatives’ vehicles are under repair – we travel a lot and that is normal. I will have to end my post now and continue my story next time because I sure do have to take my lunch *teehee*

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