Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blessing and Gossips

I am once again out of town to attend my aunt's house blessing which will happen. With me are the twins, my brother and my mom. There are currently more than 20 people who "checked in" at my aunt's house so it's a riot as usual. The gang is here and we sleep at 1am the earliest but we also wake up at 8am the latest. Can you spell haggard now?

Anyway, I have read this morning about Eva Longoria divorcing her husband Tony Parker and I am saddened by the news because I am a big fan of Desperate Housewives and I think that they look so good together. Breakups are always sad and hard. However I believe that once trust is broken, it will be hard for the person to gain it again. There will always be a void in a relationship once a person learns to doubt the other's motives and sincerity.

And that's what I have learned from watching too much tv and reading too much gossips. LOL.

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