Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Be Serene

In contrast to this funny quote at the left, today is an overwhelming day for me. I do not need to be more serene than this day because I can feel that everything's in its place.

I had a talk with a friend last night and aside from the usual bullying of words with the blow by blow account of our silly deeds, we actually shared our "hopes and dreams" in a semi-brutal way; just the way we are. We have known each other for such a long time but never got the chance to really talk in a serious manner so last night was a breakthrough for us. And it's nice. Really nice.

Aside from this incident with a friend, I also had a chat with my best friend P after a long long time of not having a serious chat. Given our crazy time zones, our chats have always been just a simple Q&A for almost two years now. Maybe I was in a sentimental mood or maybe the moon's just full last night that we get so serious with looking back at our lives and plan ahead. We realized a lot of things actually. We're turning 28 this year and I realized the time when we were younger, our ideal age of marrying is 25; and three years after that ideal age, nobody's married until now. It is quite ironic when you look at it. When you're young, you cannot wait to grow old and when you're encountering that specific age, you want things to be steady. Life's too beautiful to just elope or get marry.

Okay, okay, that last line has always been my line. Getting married is actually a joyous event but you know, when one is married the freedom of living a carefree life will be put to a stop. And I don't want that. My other friend K and I don't want that. We're just enjoying and we wanted to explore the world and have a good time. But then again, maybe when the moment is there and you are put on a do or die situation, you will really submit yourself and say yes to marriage. And I just want to clarify that I love weddings. I am not like a scrooge at weddings, in fact, I cry at weddings. I love the idea of two families joining together in supporting the newlywed couple. I adore the idea of seeing my friends happy and contented at their wedding day. I just abhor the idea of me being a bridesmaid and have to be forced to wear a gown that I don't like and the accessories I find too crass. But that's another story. My friends have tastes you know; and they're not tacky thankbejeezus.

So anyway, the purpose of writing this albeit lengthy post is that I am very much overwhelmed with joy to know that my friend K, that carefree, happy go lucky girl is now engaged. I don't think I will be a bridesmaid but I will be there on her wedding day nevertheless. And I will have my gown made by the same designer I had at our friend C's wedding. I wish her all the best. It's almost game over for you my dear, and I am sincerely and genuinely happy for you. I am on a high.

And lastly, to all of my friends mentioned above; A, P, and K, I love you. Let's plan more and more soon.

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