Sunday, February 13, 2011

MLAS - The Final Curtain Call

Participating in digiscrap challenges is really not my thing until I stumbled upon My Life and Scrap (MLAS) where there was a lyrics challenge and the challenge master had this dare that if the challenge gets a lot of participants, she will do a headstand. To make the long story short, we got our headstand.

MLAS has played a vital part in my digiscrapping life because that’s where I started. That’s where I explored the big world of digital scrapping and I know that you would understand my sadness when I received my last newsletter from MLAS announcing that the store is closing. Oh why but why? I do not know.

So as a tribute to MLAS, I am making this post to give my hats off to the owners at MLAS. Here are some of my fondest memories of the store.

1. I was able to meet designers who hired me to be in their CT. As a beginner, I felt so honored to be hired you know. It’s a lot different than applying though the perks are the same.

2. The people in MLAS had motivated me to do things that I was hesitant to do, like applying as a CT member of my favorite designers. “There’s nothing to lose” is what the girls always tell me.

3. There was one time when MLAS had to shut down because they are transferring to a better server and the transfer took longer than what we had expected. We all suffered from severe MLAS withdrawal. And lastly,

4. I purchased my first kit at MLAS, and it was just not a kit for my own consumption but the kit was for the benefit of a charity institution that the owners and designers are supporting.

And as the final curtain call for MLAS, here are two layouts I created in the challenges.

The first page was an entry to the font challenge and the second one was for the lyrics challenge that I was talking about. Anyway, as MLAS final call before their dramatic closing on Valentine's Day, they are having a SALE in all of the kits.


Cardinals Kate said...

It would be such a bummer to see one my favorite scrap places shut down. I'm sorry! Glad they got you out of your scrapping shell and thanks for the heads up about the sale! I love a good sale!!

jusme digital said...

i agree ... i love MLAS ... it was one of my first digiscrap stores and one of the first places i participated in challenges / forums.

that is why i purchased it in May 2010...

i'm so sad to close it. i'm hoping that life will settle down and my family members who are ill will get better and i'll be able to reopen. stay tuned to our newsletter, facebook and twitter, that's where i'll announce if we are able to reopen.

thank you for the lovely tribute and i hope to see you soon.
owner, MLAS