Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Mayhem #1

This is my first time to join Monday Mayhem and I think that this is going to be fabulous!

Today's meme is all about the headlines in the news. For each headline- finish or embellish the title and add a brief description (one sentence is cool). Don't forget, this is supposed to be fun because we are Über cool people!

1. Man hospitalized after being hit in road

The 38 year old man reported to have suffered from amnesia after the accident and was said to be forgetting that he has a wife. He refused to go home insisting that he should be left alone to create new memories.

2. Suspicious package just food in a bag

The package was left unattended at a local church which left the people attending the mass alarmed. Upon calling the FBI and SWAT and upon clearing the said area, a little boy went inside the church to get the package which turned out to be some kind of a takeout a Happy Meal from Mc Donald’s.

3. Parrots tend to be "left handed," study finds

Acclaimed researchers have found out that the parrots are left handed. Too bad we cannot see them write.

4. Palin: America out of step with Reagan's values
*This is something I cannot – would not - comment on. LOL*

5.Opinion: Why refs 'swallow the whistle'

Further investigation on ball games and other competitive sports said that the referees/umpires in the games may be having anxiety attacks whenever the game is in full throttle. I think that they may be anxious whether or not they call on a bad call so that they can win the bet back home.

6. Man gets 9 years in cartoon attack

A reputable suburban man was charged of 9 years imprisonment after having attacked the mascot of Looney Tunes’ Porky Pig. The man claimed that Porky Pig ruined his life although he did not elaborate on why.

7. Lohan's attorney denies actress stole necklace

Lindsay Lohan’s representative Atty. Mohan has denied allegations that his client stole a piece of jewelry Sunday night. Atty. Mohan was quoted saying, “Miss Lindsay Lohan may be a drug junkie, she may be a lot of things, but never a thief.” Lindsay and her family are all mum about the allegation.



Cardinals Kate said...

Oh Mars, these are hilarious!

I am Harriet said...

Loved your Lindsey reply.
Thanks for playing.
Have a great week!