Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Preschool

Being a preschool educator has its ups and downs. Whenever I go to our division office for transactions, the people there ask me what grade level I am teaching and whenever I say I teach preschool, they will always reply with “WHY PRESCHOOL?” My answer will always be, “Why not? It’s fun.”

Teaching preschool children has more ups than downs. Yes of course your energy will get drained after all that singing, dancing and animations that you do –and I do it twice a day since I am handling two sessions. Physically draining, yes but the fruit of your labor is priceless.

Why Preschool? The kids are genuine people; they are very honest and kind hearted. They will believe whatever it is that you say. Heck, they believe you more than their own parents! Aside from that, I love the look of innocence in their eyes. I love the way when they forget about themselves and suddenly they call me “Mama, Ina or Ma” – that’s priceless.

Why Preschool? I love children and I love to hear stories from their mothers about their progress. A few weeks ago, a mother asked me how come whenever she teaches her child two lines of a poem for the whole day, her child will never get to memorize a line but when the child spends at least an hour in school, she can memorize a stanza of the poem. My answer was, “It’s magic.” LOL

Why Preschool? Because I like it when my pupils tell me that I am beautiful; one pupil of mine was reportedly bragging to her playmates at home that her teacher is beautiful. Her playmates ended up visiting our classroom to confirm if she’s telling the truth or not. LOL. I gave all of them lollipops as a bribe since I looked like a trash that day.

Why Preschool? I can tell you a number of things more but I don’t want to gloat myself.

So, why preschool? This is why...


Cardinals Kate said...

Awww! I bet you're an awesome preschool teacher! Lucky kids!

ruby rose said...

what a cute kid! :)

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