Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Mayhem #2 - The Valentine's Meme

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear friends! What are your plans for today? As for me, I will be with my kids, as usual, and if laziness will not creep in to me later this day, we will probably go out for a dinner.

In honor of Valentines Day, today's meme is all about the things that we love. For each prompt, name something you love.

1. Name a food that you love.

Anything pasta. May it be lasagna, fetuccine bolognese, carbonara, name it!

2. Name someone that you love.

If it has nothing to do with romantic love then I say that I love my kids and I don’t have to explain why. BUT, if this question is pertaining to a romantic involvement, my answer would be Chris Pine. He’s the apple of my eye.

3. What kinds of ice cream do you love?

I like pistachio, mint chocolate, or brownie nut fudge.

4. What would you love to receive for Valentine’s Day?

A massage gift certificate would be nice. J A romantic getaway for two with Chris Pine will really blow me away!

5. What meal would you just love to eat for dinner?

For appetizer, pigs in blanket or pesto bites would do fine. Glazed lamb is great as a main course! And for dessert, the very best chocolate lava in town. Served with wine of course.

6. What is something that you learned to love?

I kind of learned to love myself more now. It’s quite scary for a moment because when I embraced myself and my whole being I started to be skeptical of other people and romantic love.

7. Tell us something that we would love.

I have a confession to make. I am a princess. However, I am a tranny. You can call me a Princess Tranny.

8. What is your definition of love?

Love is not overrated; people just abuse its purpose. It is a mysterious thing that makes people do outrageous acts.

9. What is it that you love more than anything?

I love being a mom even though I am not a perfect one and I have my lapses. Seeing my twins giggle so hard because of their eldest brother is a 7th heaven for me. And receiving a hug and hearing compliments like, “Mom you are beautiful and sexy” even though I know they’re only half meant gives me a certain high that is capable of melting my heart.

10. Name a Monday Meme that you love.

This is the only Monday Meme that I have done so I will be biased.

11.Would you love to write a Monday Mayhem?

If the price is right, why not?! LOL. Kidding aside, I would love to write a Monday Mayhem.

See you next week! And I hope we will have more participants in the future.


Shawnna said...

Thanks for stopping by Mars! I agree with you on pasta. So many delicious possibilities! Oh yes, Chris Pine is yummy! Happy V-Day!

Kristy said...

Love your answers to all of them!

I am Harriet said...

Wouldn't it be great to get paid to do this meme?

Thanks for playing.
Have a great Valentines Day!

Cardinals Kate said...

Pasta, massages and Chris Pine. All together would be best.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Happy Valentines day to you too! :)