Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mouse-less No More!

My friend's dad arrived from UK a few days ago so I was able to get my purchases from Ebay(UK) last January. I bought myself a mouse among others and I got this TRUST Slimline Wireless Mouse 16339 for GBP 16.94. The mouse looks cute but for someone who got used at manipulating a bulky and comfortable mouse, I did not like it. But I am going to give it another try before I am going to resell this on Ebay(Philippines) and I will just get a new one that is more comfortable even though it will be bulky. The functions of the mouse is awesome though, and the packaging is great. But as I have said, using it is uncomfortable where I always feel I'll have a carpal tunnel syndrome.

Aside from the mouse, I also bought a Uniross Express Mini Charger.
I had to buy this one because the cable of our 6 year old Kodak charger is missing and I am very impatient with looking for lost stuffs. I think I had a good deal with this because it comes with 6 AA batteries aside from the 2 AAA batteries for FREE! Oh I know I am such a freeloader, haha! Anyway, what good does this event in my life? I can only think of one thing: scrap more pages. You have to admit, scrapping without a mouse is hellish.

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