Saturday, March 12, 2011

The $10 Story

I am not supposed to blog today because I am supposed to be focusing on working about my class' program invitation but there is one incident that happened today that I cannot get over with.

This morning, my father woke me up so that I could go to the market and buy the usual stuffs that we needed to stock in our freezer. Along with our nanny, I went to the market and did my thing. I found a young ox's tail and thought of cooking ox tail in peanut butter sauce. I bought the tail and the needed ingredients for my recipe planning to cook it tomorrow since I am going to school for an overtime work. After going to the market, I went to school along with my twins but since the computer room's closed and my boss' daughter accidentally brought the key with her, I decided to go home instead and buy a tub of ice cream and cook the recipe I had intended to cook tomorrow.

So there I was in my kitchen battle mode when my kids called on my father because apparently, someone was looking for him. I peeked at the gate to take a look on who the person is and noticed the man who used to work with my father(my father retired last December). Since I know the man, I told my father to go out.

Okay for a quick side story. My father worked for the government owned water service company and is known to help people like paying others' water bills just so the particular family won't be cut with their water services. Sometimes, he pays for other's electricity bill as well lol. I have always admired that about my father but there are some who are mendicant and abuse my father's kindness that they would go and ask money almost every month because of a death of a family, relative, hospitalization of a child, delayed work pay, and whatbejeezus, just name it. And my father is not even in politics! LOL. So my point is, that's why I take a look first on who the person looking for my dad so that I can warn him about not giving too much.

So back to the story. I know the man looking for my father because he's one of the veterans in the water district engineering division and was under my father since I was a child. He seldom comes to our house but I have always known him because whenever we see each other downtown, he always recognizes me. Anyway, when my father went out to talk to him, I took a peek and heard the man saying something like, "Sir I have a favor to ask." I did not eavesdrop anymore since I was busy slicing the vegetables. The man and my dad talked for a while and when I was finished with the vegetables I peeked again at them and saw my father counting money and giving it to the man who took out his handkerchief to wipe away his tears. I was crushed.

So I told my mom about it and she herself wondered why so when the man went home, my mother asked my dad what it was all about. My father said, "He was just asking if he could loan some money." Then my mom asked how much he wanted to borrow and my dad said Php500.00 ($10). My mother was appalled because the man cried for a $10 loan so she asked my father why he cried to where my father replied: "I don't know. When I took out my wallet and counted the money he started to cry."

I was stunned. It was a slap on my face. I had a $30 body scrub and massage last Thursday and there was a man who cried for a $10 loan. I just wonder what I could do to help others like that as well. I know that Japan's suffering from the earthquake and tsunami and my heart goes all out for them. But then there are people I know and see almost everyday who also needs my help. Prayers can do wonders I know but don't get me wrong, cash is what they mostly need.

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Cardinals Kate said...

Wow. I often wonder how I could help more, and you are right that at times, money is just what is needed. I wish I were in a position to give more money, but at this point in my life, I'm just not. I hope to more financially stable in the future so I can help people that really need it.
But I know what you mean about spending money and not even thinking about it, and so many people in such need. Do I really need this $40 shampoo from the salon? No. I can get $5 shampoo from the store and give the $35 away. I just have to make a more conscious effort to do that.