Friday, March 11, 2011

Blessed to be Stressed

Every time my friends and I are busy to the point of not being able to log on to our emails, we say this mantra just so we will remember how fortunate we are to be doing something and realize that we are worthy in this world. I AM BLESSED TO BE STRESSED. Indeed I am!

So what keeps me busy? Three things. First is this Kindergarten Playhouse that I had put up where my pupils are going to have a mini talent show. The purpose of this event is to showcase that our school is not only focusing on the academic performance of the pupils but also considering the skills of each child in performing arts. Okay okay so it's preschool, my real purpose for my pupils is to let them do their thing on stage and gaining self confidence by performing for a large audience. This Kindergarten Playhouse will be shown on March 15.

The second thing is the Graduation Day of my Preschool pupils which will be on March 24. So little time so much to do. And of course, lastly, the vacation I will be having with my mom and cousins which will be on the 25th. Ironic huh? A vacation keeping me stressed out? Haha! But see, I am the one in charge of our itinerary and we will be going to Singapore and Malayasia and it is going to be my first time there. So whatever will be will be. God bless me and my beautiful body. And by this I mean health. LOL.

Anyway, I am honored to be a part of Digiscrappers Brasil! I applied to be one of their creative team members and I got in! As an opening salvo in being with DSB, here are some layouts I created using the kits of the fabulous designers I am working with there.

If you want to leave some love, you can click on the photos to be directed to my gallery. So how was it working at DSB? It's a blast! The designers are so cool and even though all of them are obviously from Brazil and they speak Portuguese, they really extend their arms in welcoming non Portuguese speakers like me.

So there goes my update, I miss my digital life though as I have said, I am blessed to be stressed.

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Cardinals Kate said...

Busy, busy lady! Hope all the performances go well. And a vacation sounds wonderful! Have a great time.

Congratulations on your CT spot, too. Your LOs are beautiful!