Saturday, August 6, 2011

Is August the Ghost Month?

In Chinese Feng Shui, the month of August is considered to be the ghost month thus no major house construction should be made because it will bring bad luck. However, I think of it as baseless. I think it actually depends on what you believe in. Like me, I don't really consider August to be a ghost month because good things come my way during the month of August. I personally think that July is my ghost month because I always lose money every month of July. I always get robbed. =(

Anyway, I have a new baby. I have always wanted to buy a domain but since this blog is already established in a sense that I actually have followers (LOL), I bought a new domain with an ambitious niche. Hope you'll be able to visit and say hi to my new baby too. ;) Pretty please?

Call me MISS WISE.

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