Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ju Kneipp is Hilarious!

I am a fan of Juliana aka Ju Kneipp Designs from CatScrap. I attempted to apply for her CT but got rejected and that's alright since I had a chance to interact with her (and gave me freebies). To see Juliana's creations, click on her ad below.

So why do I think Juliana's hilarious? See, some 7 months ago, when she rejected my CT application, I sent her a question in twitter whether she's having a sale or not. I was mesmerized with her kits and the spendthrift in me tells me to wait until there's a big sale. Juliana didn't reply -until this morning.

After 7 long months, I was flabbergasted to see this on my twitter notification on my email.
Isn't that hilarious?! I don't even remember what I asked her but thankfully, twitter has a way to make me remember. So anyway, Ju Kneipp Designs has a SALE! She's having 20% OFF on her selected kits at CatScrap. I suggest you go raid now for this chance may not be given in the future. Like in the next 7 months again? Hahaha! I love Ju Kneipp!

1 comment:

Juh said...

LOL! haha...
I don't know why, but I don't know how twitter works...hahaha .. So to avoid running out
twitter, I set up for everything I do on my facebook appear in
twitter! This makes it easy! haha ... that's why I haven't seen ... there today,
I decided to go on twitter and see how best ... when I saw your message!
ahahaha ... Sorry!
But like I said, we'll have a birthday sale in Catscrap!
Next week! :) And I think you'll like my next release too... hehe ...
Thank you for caring! I had fun with my screwed up today! hahaha ...