Monday, November 15, 2010

Year Ender

Sure sure I have said this line many times before: I AM BACK!


I do not know until when can I sustain blogging but as of this moment, I am in the mood to write my thoughts. I have been so busy since our school bought our first ever computer desktop unit. Since I am the one who knows much about computers, my boss relies on me to create reports, invitations, and some stuffs that when I get home the last thing that I wanted to do is go in front of the computer. Not unless there is a new movie that I had just downloaded. *teehee*

So basically, nowadays I only get to update my Facebook page using my phone. I miss blogging though, and scrapping, and until such time that I get to have extra time and teach my co-teachers to type faster and learn a few other extras in computers, I will surely be on a roll!

My mom is celebrating her birthday this week and I am thinking of what to give her. Any bright ideas? :)

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