Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's Your Scrapping Style?

I was never an element person; my style is clean and simple. I think I have this fondness for papers and fonts with a lot of love for journaling. Although at times there instances where I try not to do journaling because I hate it when I get so chatty that I type the keyboard so hard that’s how passionate I am with speaking my mind. Anyway, I still don’t know what my style is but I know one thing for sure: I work better when under pressure. But don’t we all?

Here are some of my pages that have journaling in it.

And here are some that have none.

Which style do you think I can do better? If you notice I rarely do clustering ((because I don’t know how) and I seldom use too many elements. I think clean and simple is my thing. But I do envy scrappers who can pull off such thing!

Anyway, I received a very nice email this afternoon when I came home from work. I found out that I won in Skute Design's kit-naming contest and I won a whooping $10 gift certificate to her store at Scrap Angels Shop! So Karina's been having some difficulty in naming her girl-themed kit and she doesn't want the common names like Sugar and Spice to be the title. That's how she thought of the contest and I gave her the name DIVATTITUDE which of course was derived from the phrase that I thought of a long time ago which is "diva with an attitude." So there, I won a GC and I also get to snag her Boys R Us (a boy themed kit, this is somewhat the inspiration in making the girl kit) kit and also the Div@ttitude (it is not being released yet but I got it already and it is soooo cute!). As to how I am going to spend my GC? I am waiting for the right moment yet because it is so hard to pick! However, Skute Design is on sale right now so you might want to check it out!