Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Teacher, My Hero

It is the World Teachers' Month once again and for this month I am planning to write letters to the memorable teachers I've had when I was still in school. I have always wanted to pay tribute to them but never found a chance so I am going to write about them in the coming days.

Last week, our school launched the Teachers' Month and a pupil from Grade 3 gave a speech about his previous advisers which included me. That pupil belonged to the very first batch of kids I have handled and the first is always memorable. It was my first time to be commended by  a pupil and I was overwhelmed with what he had said. Now I think it is time for me to give back to my teachers, and if you remember your first teachers, previous math teachers, or any teacher you remember, why not write them a  letter, blog about them, or if you're not the wordy type of person, give them a gift?

Our teachers molded us to become what we are now. We have spent more hours in school than at home and we're always in the hands of our teachers - it is now time to give back and pay them with adulation that they deserve.

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